April 15, 2010

the Think TANK

Yes, that’s the way it is spelled with no capital at the beginning. The Think Tank, is an excellent resource that helps you solve some of those hard to deal assignments. What is the THINK TANK? It is a tutoring, writing, supplement instruction, and peer mentoring center where academic specialist are there to assist you to succeed with the completion of your assignment requirements. It is located at the Nugent Building at U of A main and the number is (520) 626-0530. This is a service provided by the University Of Arizona for students who have questions or don’t understand how to start their assignments or just simply need a little guidance.               

                Many students are faced with many tasks and find themselves pinned between two hard places and need to seek prevention to avoid disorders such as becoming over stressed that my lead to a halt to any activities or tasks that need to be completed.  Begin and end school is a difficult task for students, this issue is mentioned on one of our concepts of community psychology and is weighed at 26 on the Social Readjustment Rating Scale on page 125 of our text.  Prevention, one of the concepts we covered in our community psychology course, can also be used as an example in this informative blog. The prevention in this case would be to reduce the stress from surfacing due from the studies and assignments that need to be completed. If it exceeds the prevention stage and stress is already in affect then try to trouble shoot it by reaching out for help and ideas on how to deal with it. And, if it gets to the extreme and the stress is too overwhelming then focus on not allowing it to overtake you completely where you cannot complete your tasks this is tertiary the third part of prevent. Some student become burnt out towards the end of the semester and find it hard to work and think efficiently. There is hope for these students. The THINK TANK, can be the answer.  The University of Arizona main campus provides this resource. Listed below are the times and dates these services are there to provide you with the guidance needed if you are stuck. As long as you are a U of A student, all you need to do is sign up and show you CAT card and you are set to go. The tutors there are very knowledgeable.  Listed below is some information that might be useful for U of A students especially if you are at the Main campus:

Tutoring                                                                               supplemental instruction

1:00-9:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday                             Sunday-friday

1:00-5:00 p.m. Friday                                                      visit our websites for locations and times

the writing center                                                           academic specialists

1:00-9:00 p.m. Monday –Thursday                            1:00-5:00 p.m. Monday-friday

1:00-5:00 p.m. Friday                                                      peer mentoring

5:00-9:00 p.m. Sunday                                                   9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. monday    

                                                                                                10:00 a.m. -6:00 p.m. tuesday-Thursday

                                                                                                10:00 a.m.-5:00p.m. friday


Coping with vacation

March 24, 2010

According to our PSYV 496A Social Psychology book, vacation is ranked 13 in weight on the Social Readjustment Scale Table 8.1. Vacations are good to release stress but at the same time you deal with stress during vacation time. This spring break was overall a good one even though stressful. There are many ways to deal with spring break stresses. If I had known, I would have surfed the web and looked for something to aide me during our spring break vacation. At , I found some good pointers that are useful when going on vacation. Yes, it is after the fact but at least on my next trip I’ll be prepared. Our trip started out in Tucson, AZ on Friday night. We relaxed and settled in. The weekend was calm. Monday we decide to go swimming then site seeing at the U of A campus. Here are some pictures.  


We went swimming for the next two days. On Thursday night, a last minute invite to Disneyland took place. We then started on a trip to Disneyland Thursday night at 9:30 p.m. No plans or room reservations. It took us twelve hours from Tucson to our destination because of traffic and last minute trip with no room reservations. We could not find a room for there was a convention in town and everything was booked. Stressed? Yes, vacation stress.  We had a stuck of luck and found something. Laid down for twenty minutes and off to Disneyland.

We finally made it and the fun began. We went to Disneyland on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Kids were exhausted as we were too. The main was that we made it safe and had fun. Of course, the stress of the kids being tired and not cooperating took place but we got through it. So anyone out going on a trip make sure you plan and look at the hints to have a less stressful vacation for it makes world of difference.

  Oh! One more thing, I recently found out that my blogs are supposed to be related to behaviorism rather than just anything we wanted to write about. Therefore, vacation stress can be linked to behaviorism. For example,when children are tired or hungry they will cry until they get what they want which would either be food, rest, toys, and/or their way. Crying, being difficult, and not listening would be the behavior. In an attempt to avoid an aversive stimulus, the sound of crying, the parent will grant the children what they want therefore escaping the aversive stimulus. In the after result there would be no more crying. These actions affect the social surrounding for it may create individual in line uneasy because your child is taking away the happy environment they had expected on vacation.

Yeah, the learning of school students and their abilities is a very important topic for a person may be a student who learns in a different style other than his/her instructor teaches. There are many challenges in learning. There are three learning styles and these are visual, audio, and kinesthetic learners. A visual learner learns by using images, pictures, colors, and other visual media to aide them to enlighten them with the material needed to be learned. Visual learners may learn the material more efficiently b y:

  1. Reading material
  2. Taking notes composing lists
  3. Reviewing notes and lists
  4. Seeing the material visually displayed, as on blackboard
  5. Watching video tapes or filmstrips

If you have labeled yourself as a visual learner, here are some strategies

Auditory learners are individuals who learn better through classroom lecture, group discussions, and audio clips and Q & A sessions. Here are some characteristics and tips on to use this type of learning more efficiently.

The Kinesthetic Learner learns by doing things on hands for they can master and remember the steps taken to complete or learn material needed to be successful and knowledgeable of that content. What type of learner are you? Have you ever had difficulty learning material for the style being used is not your style of learning? What can you do? One suggestion is to talk to your instructor for communication is the key in successfully resolving issues in life and making them easier to deal with.

Teachers who teach their material in all three learning styles will  have more student involvement and be more effective as a teacher to enhance his/her students to learn the material. Read more at Suite101: Learning Styles in the Classroom: Learn How to Teach to Each DifferentLearningStyle

Each type of learning will have a different reinforcer but will result in the behavior, learning the material, the instructor requires to teach his/her students.

Drugs and Alcohol Abuse

February 26, 2010

Alcohol and drugs addiction has ruined many people’s life. In the beginning, it might seem like it is cool and allows you to meet those individuals that are considered popular. But in reality, hanging out with these clicks and so called popular individual has caused lots of grief in their family, environment, and workplace. Families may be face with someone in the family who has turned for the worse when their behavior begins changing. These family members may display lack of interest and participation with group activities. These are some of the signs that one might display if they are abusing drugs or alcohol.

  • The addict can express the denial in different ways:
  • They blame others instead of accepting responsibility for their actions
  • The act out in anger when their denial is challenged.
  • They avoid people or loved ones and hide their behavior from others.

More detailed information for Drug and Alcohol Abuse .

An important factor that leads many individuals to become addicts is Social Learning. This is all around us starting from the family environment, social environment, through peer pressure, and advertising or media influence.

Do you have a love one who needs help? Do you think you might be on that road to becoming addicted? Hey! Look at the links above and you can make that difference in helping yourself or others take that initial step to prevent or even deal with this type of issue.

Single Parenting

February 12, 2010

Single parenting has many obstacles that cause emotional, physical, and psychology stresses. Sometimes one may feel so overwhelmed with trying to fulfill every task that is required to complete a day’s work at home. Well, I have news for you, it is not that you are doing a bad job but being a single parent trying to do a two parent job is very challenging. Even managing your time by making a schedule may be a great idea but it doesn’t always work like you have scheduled it to for things always pop up. It never fails.  Some of the things like being involved in PTSO activities and volunteering in your child’s class, which provide that role model that your child should be learning from, after school sports, dance lessons, cooking, housekeeping, doing homework of your own and helping your child with theirs, traveling to school, making arrangement so that someone can pick your child, and washing can create problems with scheduling for one might take longer or restrict the other from taking place. There are at least ten pointers that can aide one to deal with the difficulties of being a single parent.  If you reviewed the link above in pointers, you would find that several of this pointers are very useful but the one I have definitely use and find effect is the one that discusses how you can car pool and work with other parents to aide you in tasks that allow you the time required for you to complete some of your activities. But overall you are doing a great job and all that hard work will pay off at the end for you have not given up on yourself and on your child. Are you a single parent? Did you have any ideas that might be useful?

Hello world!

February 6, 2010

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